YEF StartUp 2016 - Go To Market

The Forum will take place on 13-15 May 2016

BULGARIA, VARNA, Plenary Hall in Municipality of Varna
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ABOUT YEF STARTUP 2016 – Go To Market

Youth Entrepreneurship Forum – StartUp 2016 – Go To Market is an international event focusing on entrepreneurs and potential entrepreneurs who are eager and curious to know more about starting a company. The goal of the conference is to encourage innovative and creative thinking and to foster an environment where participants can share their personal experiences and best practices. YEF StartUp 2016 – Go To Market is carried out in partnership with the Municipality of Varna (European Youth Capital 2017)

30 StartUp projects will be accepted through our Application form. Only 10 from them will be shortlisted to participate in the forum. The successful candidates will have a chance to pitch their startups, have strategic 1 on 1 meetings and most importantly will have the opportunity to get mentoring with angel-investors, marketing experts and some of the biggest startup accelerators and venture capital funds.

YEF StartUp 2016 – Go To Market will be the first startup event in Europe without an entry fee because we believe that anyone who really wants to push forward their company or idea should have a supportive environment to do so. The event is open for a select group of 400 – 450 people with personal invitation only. The key criteria for receiving an invitation for the forum is either an active business, having a business idea or personal motivation and desire to be an entrepreneur.

Guest Lectors, Mentors & Investors

  • Rod Banner
    Rod Banner

    MADtech lifer – Marketing Advertising and Technology [UK]

    13-15 may 2016


    Brand Building – the crux of success

    Rod is a MADtech lifer – Marketing Advertising and Technology. He founded the technology marketing group, „Banner Corporation”. It had grown to become the largest Business to Business agency in Europe.
    In 2014 Rod made it into the TechCity Insider 100 list and the 2014/15 Fresh Business Thinking Power 100. In 2015 he was chosen as one of The Maserati 100 – A list of UK-based entrepreneurs who are giving back to the next generation. Rod is also an angel investor – specialising in MADtech Specialties: Architecting and building brands. Discovering and telling corporate ‘stories’. Monetising social media, mobile and marketing automation. 25 plus years in creating tangible, marketing-driven success for technology companies located in EMEA.

  • Drayton Bird
    Drayton Bird

    specialist in Direct Marketing [UK]

    13-15 may 2016


    The most important questions in business. Do you know the answers?

    In 2003, the Chartered Institute of Marketing named Drayton Bird one of 50 living individuals who have shaped today’s marketing.
    He has worked with many of the world’s greatest brands such as American Express, Audi, Bentley, British Airways, Cisco, Deutsche Post, Ford, IBM, McKinsey, Mercedes, Microsoft, Nestle, Philips, P&G, Toyota, Unilever, Visa and Volkswagen.
    In various capacities – mostly as a writer – Drayton has helped sell everything from Airbus planes to Peppa Pig. His book, Commonsense Direct and Digital Marketing, out in 17 languages, has been the UK’s best seller on the subject every year since 1982. Drayton’s standing has long been widely recognised.
    Оne of the first three people named to the Hall of Fame of the Direct Marketing Association of India. He has also been given Lifetime Achievement Awards by the Caples Organisation in New York and Early To Rise in Florida.

  • Ivan Hernandez
    Ivan Hernandez

    founder of The Digital Loop [PL]

    13-15 may 2016


    Fly High: How to Create, Innovate and Lead at the Highest Level

    Ivan Hernandez is a founder of The Digital Loop. Strategist in the field of Digital Marketing and Customer experience, consultant of business developing with international experience in strategic consulting, advertising, marketing and media sector.

  • Zhechko Kyurkchiev
    Zhechko Kyurkchiev

    founder of Fikosota Holding [BG]

    13-15 may 2016



    In the beginning of the 90’s together with his brother have started business in the field of heating products. They founded the brand Tesy, which is the 6th largest producer in Europe and takes the 1st place of manufacturing oil-filled radiator. The company has grown and they’ve decided to found another organization in the field of Fast-moving consumer goods. The companies are part of the Ficosota Holding, which includes some of the most popular brands on the Bulgarian market: Tesy, Savex, Semana, Echo, Puffies, Emeka, Milde, Bruschette-Maretti, Terter.

  • Алдо де Жонг
    Aldo de Jong

    co-founder of Claro Partners and Startupbootcamp IoT & Data [ES]

    13-15 may 2016


    How to leverage IoT to bring succesful new products and services to the market

    Aldo de Jong is co-founder of Claro Partners and Startupbootcamp IoT & Data. The company develops innovation business model and design of the services in the context of big amendments such as economy of data base, new models of ownership, network for exchange of values and IoT.

  • Todor Breshkov
    Todor Breshkov

    Partner Manager at LAUNCHub [BG]

    13-15 may 2016



    From 2012 Todor Breshkov manages the cee’d investments fund LAUNCHub, of which he is also a co-founder and actively works with portfolio companies from the selection process to the acquisition of shares and subsequent consultation and development of individual businesses. He also participates in subsequent attraction of investors for companies and their preparation for implementation of the next round of funding. From 2003 to 2010 he has been a member of the Supervisory Board of the third largest bank in Bulgaria (First Investment Bank). From 2003 to 2009 Todor is a member of the Board of Directors of the Bulgarian Stock Exchange-Sofia and CEO of one of the largest brokerage houses in Bulgaria – First Financial Brokerage House. Todor is the founder and Chairman of the Board of the largest Bulgarian Real Estate Fund from 2005 until today.

  • Dilyan Dimitrov
    Dilyan Dimitrov

    co-founder at Eleven Accelerator Venture Fund [BG]

    13-15 may 2016



    Dilyan Dimitrov is co-founder of Eleven Accelerator Venture Fund. He works with the companies from the portfolio from the process of selection to the acquire of share and following consulting and developing of business.

  • Dimitar Vasilev
    Dimitar Vasilev

    co-founder of Webest Ltd and Bulgarian Business Forums [BG]

    13-15 may 2016



    Dimitar Vasilev is one of the most well known businessmen in Varna. He is CEO of „Webest” Ltd – one of the most well developed companies for digital marketing in the region. Co-founder and chairman of the non-profit organization „Bulgarian Business Forums”, which aims to encourage entrepreneurship in Bulgaria. Up to date there have been 17 business forums with well-known personalities from the business and a two-days StartUp forum, which attracted world-renowned businessmen and angel investors. Member of the Managing Board of Varna European Youth Capital 2017 and member of the Managing Board of Round Table Varna. He aims to develop entrepreneurial and personal growth of young people with his every endeavor.

  • Justine Toms
    Justine Toms

    expert online medias, online marketing and PR [BG]

    13-15 may 2016



    Justine Toms is one of the leading experts and entrepreneurs in the field of online medias and online marketing. Founded and manages the web agency ABC Design and Communication from 1998 and online media group “Az media” from 2001, including the web sites Az-jenata.bg, Az-deteto.bg, Ludi Mladi and others. From June 2011 the media group is part of the portfolio of Investor.bg. Justin Toms is founder and organizator of the competition for best bulgarian site and best internet impact “BG Site” from 1999 till now. Author of 10 books with topics online media and marketing, web influence. Specialist in the field of interactive advertising, internet media planning, email marketing and Web 2.0. Long-standing trainer and lecturer of seminars and corporate trainings with topics such as medias, PR, marketing and internet advertising in Bulgaria and abroad.

  • Radoslav Gaydarski
    Radoslav Gaydarski

    Chief Operations Officer of Imperia Mobile [BG]

    13-15 may 2016



    Radoslav Gaydarski is Chief Operations Officer of the software outsourcing company “Imperia Mobile”, which is part of the game developer “Imperia online”. He graduated bachelor degree in Business administration in City University in Seattle and after that master’s degree in project management. Radoslav decided to return back to Bulgaria because he thinks there are unlimited possibilities that can be realized. He has more than 10 years experience in the IT field and the last 5 of them Radoslav refers to software outsourcing.

  • Mira Krusteff
    Mira Krusteff

    vice-chairwoman, GEM Bulgaria [BG]

    13-15 may 2016



    Mira Krusteff is an entrepreneur, passionate about children and youth, education transformation, informal education and making Bulgaria a better place for living.She had previously managed high-profile international conferences on urbanism for the Urban Age project of the London School of Economics and Deutsche Bank’s Alfred Herrhausen Society, while in London. In Ireland she set up, together with her husband, the first Bulgarian school in southern Ireland.Since returning to Bulgaria with her family, Mira is an entrepreneur, in addition to being member of the board of the non-for-profit Global Entrepreneurship Monitor. Mira is certified PRINCE2 Project Manager and studied Business Administration and World Politics. Mira is also co-author of the first GEM Bulgaria National Report 2015 (expected in 2016).

  • Sean Colson
    Sean Colson

    angel investor, CEO PC Consultancy Group [UK]

    13-15 may 2016




  • Hristo Stoyanov
    Hristo Stoyanov

    Regional Mandate Manager at European Investment Fund [BG]

    13-15 may 2016



    Hristo Stoyanov manages the business development activities in Bulgaria of the European Investment Fund. He joined the EIF office in Sofia as mandate manager in 2011 responsible for the operations of a Bulgarian holding fund providing EU Structural Funds through SME-focused financial instruments including guarantees, start-up accelerators and venture capital. He is member of the Board of Directors of JEREMIE Bulgaria – company, acting as an umbrella fund with diversified portfolio of private equity funds and risk-sharing commitments to local credit institutions. Prior to joining the EIF, Hristo managed M&A advisory projects at Forem Consulting in Sofia. He holds a MBA degree from University of Notre Dame in the USA.

  • Emil Lazarov
    Emil Lazarov

    co-founder and 1st president of RT 5 Varna [BG]

    13-15 may 2016



    40 years old, married, 2 kids – speaks 6 languages – 10 years in the airline and in-flight industry – 11 years in managing independent hotels – owner and manager of vacation rentals in Bulgaria and Spain – owner and manager of a trading business based on the Elliot Wave Theory – owner of wedding dresses business in Spain – Co-founder and 1st president of RT 5 Varna and National IRO of RT Bulgaria – Vice-president of The International French school in Varna

  • Boyan Benev
    Boyan Benev

    CMO, MammothDB [BG]

    13-15 may 2016



    Boyan Benev is founder of Forward.li and a TV host at BNT. At the age of 16, he started his first company – Critica Marketing Limited and at 23 he was chosen for “Most succesfull young entrepreneur in Great Britain” by Start Your Business magazine. In 2009 he has returned in Bulgaria and works as a consultant in the field of marketing, sales, media and IT. Founder and chairman of Bulgarian cluster for entrepreneurship and innovation.


13 may
14:00 - 16:00
City tour and important meetings
20:00 – 22:00
Private dinner (Speakers and organizers)

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